Congratulations : Biliteracy Seal exam

Message from the School Principal

I am delighted to announce that the following students have successfully cleared the Biliteracy Seal exam this year (2023-2024) and will be honored at our School function for this outstanding achievement:

  • Aradhana Shanmugam
  • Idaya Sasikumar
  • ⁠Iniya Sasikumar
  • ⁠Shriram Sundaram
  • ⁠Varshiini Ramesh
  • Vipin Subramanian

This marks the second batch of students accomplishing the Biliteracy Seal exam, which can be taken only during the Junior/Senior year of High School. While South Brunswick & Monroe School Districts allows this exam in the Junior year, West Windsor-Plainsboro School District permits it only in the Senior year.

Students who pass the exam will receive the New Jersey State Seal of Biliteracy through their respective School Districts. This accomplishment will be documented in their high school transcripts, which will be forwarded to colleges. Colleges recognize this achievement as a credit, enabling students to waive world language requirements.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the students and express pride in their remarkable accomplishment.

Sasikumar Ranganathan,

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