Frequently asked questions
When is the School reopening?

The School reopens on September 9th Friday at 6:30 PM. The First two weeks (September 9th and 16th) will function virtually. In-Person classes start on September 23rd at Village Elementary School, West Windsor.

How do I join the first day of Tamil School virtually?

Virtual classes will be through Google Meet. This webpage has the necessary information to join the virtual classes –

How do I know the class and section of my Child?

Login to CTA Dashboard –

Parent Access > Child Information

Child Information will give your Child’s Class and Section.

This Demo video also outlines how to check your Child’s information in CTA Dashboard –

My Child's class is showing as "Evaluation" on CTA Dashboard. What does this mean?

Any student above six years of age will be assigned to Evaluation when they join Vallalar Tamil School for the first time. Students who have studied in other Tamil Schools will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate grade.
Students who didn’t study in any other Tamil School will start from the Basic level.

How do I pay the School Fee?

This year, School fee is to be paid either through Zelle or Check only. When making the payment using Zelle, please enter the Student First, Last Name, and Student ID (Available in the CTA Dashboard) in the message section.
Zelle Email ID –

Please see the below Screenshot for details.

What happens if i move to a different State?

The Students can transfer to another CTA Tamil School. If the student leaves the school in the first term, a refund will be given after deducting the books price and other prorated charges. No refund will be given after the first term.