2019-2020 is Vallalar Tamil School's 5th Academic year


Classes start on Sep 7, 2019

Fees for Tamil Class

The total fee for one year (including books) is $225.00, one-time time payment. Payment is accepted only as Check, payable to "Vallalar Tamil School Inc".

Parents Commitment

As a school run by Volunteers who spend their valuable time in teaching Tamil to kids, we require the following commitment from Parents.

- We have "No-Leave" Policy. We expect 100% attendance from Students. Unless kids are sick, absence from the Tamil class is not excused.

- Active participation of Parents in Academics and Cultural activities in the School. We use Cultural activities as a way to educate Students about Tamil language and Tamil Culture.


Vallalar Tamil School is an affiliate of ITA/CTA. Please complete the registration in CTA website.
Please choose "Vallalar Tamil School" while registering in the CTA Website

- https://www.catamilacademy.org/cta/StudentReg.aspx

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact us at  vallalarpalli@gmail.com